Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hello and happy Thursday!

We on the good ship Catnip are very excited to reveal (along with lots of lovely bloggers) the cover for WEIRDOS VS BUMSKULLS by Natasha Desborough, the hilarious follow up to last year

Flippin awesome illustrator/designer Vicky Barker ( has come out with another cracking cover . . . and here it is:

Funnier, weirder ruder . . . Blossom is back.

Blossom and Petrina, school weirdos, are on a (natural) high after their band Camel Toe share the bill with INTERNATIONAL ROCK GOD Josh Raven. Now they have the chance to perform at a real festival when they enter Battle of the Bands.

But then Blossom meets Vince, lead singer of rival band Bumskulls and TOTAL MANCAKE. And supposedly loved-up Petrina has been spotted staring (dribbling) at the bass player. 

In a churning whirlpool of love, sex and music, can the Weirdos keep their quest for Musical Domination on track? Or is everything about to go norks up?

In the next few weeks there will be lots of exciting Bumskulls material around (including the brand new Camel Toe single, NORK-GRABBING QUIMBOID, described by a Radio 1 producer as The Horrors + The XX on huge amounts of steroids) Get ready to laugh your bumskulls off!

Words of praise and wonder for WEIRDOS VS QUIMBOIDS:

‘This is the third most important publication in the world after The Beano and Steve Brookstein - My Struggle. It’s also flipping funny. In fact, it should come with a free pair of socks because you’ll laugh off your current ones.’
Greg James, Radio 1 DJ

‘I LOVE it! I’m hooked...think Georgia Nicolson meets Adrian Mole. B.U.M. is my new literary heroine – sort of – a bloomin delightful read!’
Nemone Metaxas, BBC 6 Music DJ

‘This book is as good as all the others I haven’t read.’ Karl Pilkington  

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