Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Guess who's back?

Yo. I’m back, y’all.

Communicating, like most things, requires regular exercise and working largely alone, my communication muscles are less the toned sixpack of Taylor Lautner and more the… well, they’re more like my own abs. A bit, ahem, lacking. So when I took a sabbatical from Catnip duties, I didn’t really announce it very well.

But now, having enjoyed a refreshing break from all things editorial/marketing/publicity/production, I am back and raring to go.

I know the new year has become a bit old, but for the record, here’s what 2013 is going to mean to me:
  • Focus. I’ve enjoyed my downtime – I’d like more of it in future, which means making my working hours count harder than ever before.
  • Discipline. I will not procrastinate (as much – let’s be realistic, this is an intrinsic part of my character inherited from my father and I’m not about to have a procrastinatectomy). This means I will tackle at least one ‘unwelcome’ job a day, that way they won’t all pile up on me to deal with before I next go on holiday.
  • Anticipation. The world of publishing works further ahead that I currently do and in order for Catnip to defend and develop its place in that world, then we’ve got to get out there the same time as the bigger houses. Because we are that awesome and everyone else needs to know this.
  • Perspective. As in not worrying that the purples in my sales presentation font have slightly different CMYK mixes and saving the worry for covers, that other people will actually see.
  • TELL PEOPLE STUFF. Like blogging more than once in a while, emailing people and making sure the authors I work with know how much I love them* and generally exercising my flabby communication muscles.
So here's to being less lonely and more badassier in 2013. Whoop!

*(If you’re a Catnip author reading this, then know that I love you LOADS.)


  1. And about time too. You have been missed...hugs to the Catnipper!

  2. Welcome back and happy new year!

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