Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Catnip and the DKW Literary Agency are delighted to announce that Catnip have acquired two middle-grade titles from debut author Sarah Baker. Liz Bankes acquired UK & Commonwealth rights in ANGELA’S GHOST, a haunting coming-of-age story with a timeslip twist, and a WWII set prequel, ELOISE’S SECRET, via agent Bryony Woods.

Twelve-year-old Angela doesn’t have a family – not since the tragic accident that tore her life apart. Living in foster care, suffering from survivor’s guilt and unable to face the truth of what happened that night, Angela is offered a chance: a holiday to France with her cold, distant Aunt Cece and horrible cousins Kitty and Fliss. If she behaves, she’s told that she might be allowed to stay with them, to have a family again.

But faced with the constant taunting of her cousins and still unable to accept the truth about the accident, Angela finds herself more alone than ever. Until she stumbles into a disused room in the crumbling French manor house, and meets a boy from 1898: Julien. But Julien’s time is running out. He is dying of typhoid.

A tale of survival and friendship beyond all odds, ANGELA’S GHOST is set to become a children’s classic.

Sarah Baker has worked extensively in film, with roles at Aardman Features, the Bermuda Film Festival and as Story Editor at Celador Films.

Sarah Baker said: 'I'm thrilled to have signed with Catnip and to be working with such a fantastic editor as Liz. My books are in good hands and I am so looking forward to seeing them in print soon!'

Liz Bankes said: 'From the moment this book arrived in my inbox I was transported into Angela’s world. Sneakily reading my kindle under my desk reminded me of the books that I used to read under the duvet with a torch because I was meant to have gone to bed! I am absolutely delighted to be able to work with Sarah and bring this brilliant book to its many future readers. Make sure your torch batteries are working!'

Bryony Woods said: 'Angela's Ghost is such a wonderful book: it's bursting with timeless charm, warmth and a good dose of spookiness. I'm thrilled to have found the perfect home for it at Catnip.'

Catnip plans to publish ANGELA’S GHOST in March 2016, with ELOISE’S SECRET to follow in 2017.


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