Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Welcome to the first entry of another regular feature where I photograph an obsession of mine (my mugs) and tell you about the mug featured.

Thrilling, n'est pas?

WRITER GIRL mug was a Christmas present from the very lovely
Cat Clarke, with whom I used to meet and swap writing. Since she now lives in Scotland, she gave me a mug to remind me to actually do some writing whenever I get the chance.

What actually happens is that I think about doing some writing, then make myself a cup of tea instead. Oh well.

I'm sort of hoping someone will buy me an EDITOR LADY mug so I can feel less guilty about drinking from this one when I'm on the day job...


  1. Ha ha- I love this! So cool. I too love quirky mugs. I bought hubby Mark this for a xmas present last year: http://www.theliterarygiftcompany.com/go-away-im-editing-bone-china-mug-2362-p.asp - I suspect he'll retaliate and get me the one that says: I'm Tweeting.