Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Why I commissioned...GHOULS RULE

Twitter-style summary: Tumbledown B&B/ancestral hall is threatened by devious investors and destructive guests. Cue the Bogey-Mandeville ghosts to the rescue!

There's always room for humour on a children's list and
The Ghosts of Creakie Hall series, of which Ghouls Rule is the second book, delivers just the right amount of bonkers to engage a young audience (and any parents reading along).

Karen Wallace is an experienced author whose characters exist in that wonderful parallel universe populated by goodies and baddies, where unlikely alliances (in this case between sensible children and long-dead, irresponsible ancestors) are forged to save something precious (i.e. a tumbledown B&B/ancestral hall). Karen simultaneously excites and educates the reader with wonderfully phrased descriptions:
His face had the hard, determined look of a questing weasel is my personal favourite, although there are many to choose from.

We chose to keep the original illustrations by the talented Tony Ross (best known for bringing Horrid Henry to life). There's no improving on his interpretation of the spooky but kooky Bogey-Mandevilles and their modern-day misunderstandings.

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